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    WDYT of my favourites?

    28 weeks pregnant with my first and interested in what you think of my favourites at the moment (in no order) -

    Louis (Lou-wee)

    Feedback appreciated!

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    Jai - short, strong, I like it
    Caspian - reminds me of Caspar the Friendly Ghost?
    Bodhi - different, quite boho / alternative
    Leon - sounds a tad old-man'ish?
    Hugo - love love love Hugo!
    Louis - classic, timeless
    Jasper - whilst I can't escape the Twilight association, I do think its a fresh, unique name
    Flynn - gorgeous as a young boy, charming and respectable as an adult!

    Overall, I like a lot of your choices

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    Jai - Wouldn't be bad as a nickname but to me, it feels incomplete.
    Caspian - I know it's a recent invention but I really like it.
    Bodhi - I don't care for it.
    Leon - It feels so dated.
    Hugo - This isn't bad but whenever I say it in my head, I think of "huge-o".
    Louis - I prefer Lewis. In my area, Louis would be pronounced the same way as Lewis and to me, Lewis is more aesthetically appealing.
    Jasper - My second favorite on your list.
    Flynn - This one is my favorite.
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    Jai - a little too short to me. feels slightly insubstantial?
    Caspian - I like this ok but it reminds me of the Sea, and I prefer Caspar, Cassius and Caius.
    Bodhi - I like this.
    Leon - I like this. I prefer Leo, but I like Leon better than Leonard and Leopold.
    Hugo - Love.
    Louis (Lou-wee) - Love with this pronunciation.
    Jasper - Love.
    Flynn - Love.
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    Jai - may have prn. problems, fine but I prefer Kai
    Caspian - really love this one!
    Bodhi - have always hated this name
    Leon -fine
    Hugo - I think this is adorable
    Louis (Lou-wee) - Also cute, but be prepared to hear it prn Lew-is A LOT
    Jasper - love
    Flynn - also love

    1. Caspian
    2. Jasper
    3. Hugo
    awesome list!
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