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    I think Eden works well for your MC, but Eydie is intriguing. I think I'd go with Alec, Jael, and Eydie Grey. Also, what do you think of Ayelet?
    Then again, Alec and Eddison both seem kind of mundane compared to your other names. I'd suggest Adriel, Abbot, Elias, or Gideon instead (why yes, I do like Hebrew names. However did you guess?). I also really like happiness_harper1 's suggestion of Aleph/Alef.

    Hope that helped!
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    I like Jael, but spelled as it's pronounced, Yael (in Hebrew, J makes a Y sound). I dislike Eddison, so I prefer Alec, but maybe short for something like Aleksander. I also like an above poster's idea of Alef, to keep with the Hebrew theme, but I'm not sure it goes with last name Grey.
    I like Asha for MC. I dislike reading stories/novels where the main character's name sounds completely made-up, or "out there," or in any way modern, when all the other characters' names are classic, Biblical or well-known. In your case, all your names are pretty different. Yael is a really old-fashioned Biblical name, Alec is a modernized classic, and Asha is used by many Hindus. As for Hebrew names, I like the Ayelet suggestion (even though it's modern, while Yael is's like Mary and Harper, basically), also consider Delilah, Noa, Adina nn Adi, Batia, Eliora nn Lior, Ester, Tamar, Maytal, Miriam nn Miri, Tzipora, Zohar, Chava, Chaya, Yona, Eliana, etc.

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