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    Help naming characers! :D

    Hi! So im writing this story and I need some help with names of characters. There are a few to help with so don't feel pressured to help with all o them

    First of all I have a hybrid teenage werewolf/vampire. Her first name is Jael but I need a middle name, she is kind of socially awkward and doesn't tolerate many people, she has an older brother who is human, I am debating over Eddison (Eddie) and Alec for him.

    Also my main character! She is the adopted sibling of the above two. She can read minds, predict the future and see others pasts, walk into othes dreams and see ghosts, she is also half demon but doesn't know at the start. People think she is schizophrenic. Names I like for her are Asha, Eden and Eydie. Have no idea for a middle name and still not a hundred percent sure on those names. For all three their last name is Grey
    thanks to anyone/everyone who replies

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