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    WDYT? Sam Morissey?

    We are currently pregnant with number two and have our girls name sorted. We don't really like Samuel or Samson and are pretty convinced Sam is fine alone. Our last name starts with W and in many of the tv shows and movies we love there is cool Sam character and his last name starts with a W, it's a sign haha.

    Anyway, we want an edgy cool middle name which balances out the popularity of Sam and makes the name a bit more different and unpredictable.

    We have a daughter called Lilia Paige.

    Options we are considering...

    Sam Morissey (current fav)
    Sam Keller
    Sam Cato

    More suggestions much appreciated.

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    Sam (blank) W. How many syllables are in the last name? It would be great if it was a 1-3-2 or 1-2-3 syllable count. You'll also want to avoid using vowels so the initials don't spell anything. Here's a link for 3 syllable middle names to get you started:

    The other one is a 2 syllable one if your surname is 3 or more syllables
    * 5 easy ways to judge a baby name

    * 21 other baby name rules worth following

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    2 syllable last name, i'll check the list thanks.

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    I like Sam but I am not sure about Morissey, I haven't heard it before. But they go nicely together.
    A few ideas:
    Sam Alistair
    Sam Alcott
    Sam Barnabas
    Sam Barnett
    Sam Hawthorn
    Sam Zebedee

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    I think Sam Morissey is cute! Or Morrissey if you're a fan?

    If last name is 2 syllables I would go with 3 syllables in the middle.

    Not sure if these are edgy enough/at all, but a few other ideas:

    Sam Donovan
    Sam Rafferty
    Sam Finnegan
    Sam Calloway
    Sam Barnaby
    Sam Balthazar
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