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    Cool Second son due!

    Hi Nameberries! The last time i posted a thread, I was at least 4 weeks away. I am literally quite possibly due via induced labor in 24 hours this time. Need your powers to pls help this clueless Mom.

    The first time, we ended up naming big brother Rafael, a biblical and international name. Would love to do the same for his little brother. Without revealing his big brother's middle name, we would love to use Sebastian as a middle name or Roman as a first name. Last name begins with an 'R' and is a very common Latin surname. Dont mind alliteration either. Any thoughts or suggestions? As always, your cleverness, expertise, and creativity inspire me..thanks all!

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    Firstly, even though you don't mind alliteration, are you actively seeking it? If big brother is Rafael "Ramirez," do you want a double-R for the second boy, too? To my ear it sounds a little over-matchy.

    I think a name like Roman-- two syllables, easily travels across borders-- is great. I wouldn't pair it with Sebastian, though, as they both end in -n.

    So, something biblical that sounds great with Sebastian "Ramirez:"

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    Rafael is so very handsome.

    I like Roman Elijah and Roman Bram as Roman combos.
    Also digging Noah Sebastian and Cole Sebastian as Sebastian combos.
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    Not to go all Ninja Turtle on you, but I think Leonardo Sebastian would be very handsome. I also like Roman!

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    Why not go with Roman Sebastian? I'm curious to know how many syllables are in the surname to keep the syllable count different and interesting. That name Raphael is so underused. You may want to do a search of Italian names ideally with two syllables. The name Bruno just popped in my head just now. Congrats.
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