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    If LoLo's a Bonny Lass - Attempt No. 3

    Girl list is all messy! I'm having such a difficult time with this list, it's not even fun anymore. I'd like to narrow it down to between 5 and 10, so I can focus on imagining them on my little one. I'm also starting to feel iffy about repeating first initials... Also, if anyone has super adorable nickname suggestions for Hespera, Morgana, Estatira and Eurydice I'd be happy, cause I've got nothing...


    Belphoebe (Bee)
    Gwenllian (Gwen/Winnie)
    Iphigenia (Genie)
    Melpomene (Pom)
    Pandora or Pandeia (Panda)
    Penelope (Poppy or Pom)
    Polyhymnia/Polymnia (Polly/Pom)
    Tinuviel (Tiny/Nuvi)
    Zenobia (Bee/Bia/Nobi/Zoe)
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    If I had to pick a top five in order

    Zenobia still my favorite and your nn option are perfect.
    Tinuviel (Nuvi is a precious nn)

    Nicknames are tough for me as I feel they develop naturally after you meet a person, so I can't help you there.

    As always, your lists are so much fun and are distracting me from figuring out where to seat all my in-laws at the reception. I should have eloped. Lol
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    renrose Guest
    Hespera - Eppy, Seppa, Seppy, H.
    Morgana - Well, you know mine is called Moose But we also call her Morgs, Mo-eggs and Moggs. I guess you could do Emmy or Em as well.
    Estatira - Tiara, Atty, Teary, Tirry, Tess, Essa, Star.
    Eurydice - Cece, Cissy, Deedee.

    Hope that was of some help my lovely

    From your list I'd keep...

    Belphoebe (Bee)
    Pandora or Pandeia (Panda)

    Aphrodite and Pandeia is still my favourite Andromeda comes close but it feels 'strong' to me. It's a good thing, obviously but with Aphrodite I get a 'pretty AND strong' feeling and I felt like her sister should match. Pandeia gives me the 'pretty and strong' image. Estatira is close too.
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    fiammetta Guest
    What a wonderful list Ottilie! I've always been a lurker of your threads. I love all of the names on your list, but if I had to pick favourites, they would be, (in order):
    1. Hespera (I recently fell in love with Hesper/Hespera nn Essie)
    2. Andromeda
    3. Morgana
    4. Gwenllian (Gwen/Winnie)
    5. Iphigenia (Genie)
    6. Zenobia (Bee/Bia/Nobi/Zoe)

    Good luck, you can't go wrong with any of these names. I look forward to seeing what you choose.

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    My top picks are:

    Pandora or Pandeia (Panda) - this has the same feel as Aphrodite, yet seems bouncier and just feels 'little sister' ish, to me. The nn Panda is adorable.
    Polyhymnia/Polymnia (Polly/Pom) - this is my first choice, actually. I think it is 'heavy yet magical' like big sis, a 'WOW' name NO ONE else will have, and the nn's are cute. And the name is fun to say, as is Aphrodite!
    Tinuviel (Tiny/Nuvi) - this is pretty, and interesting, and the nn's are cute, but something about it feels too wispy, name-wise, next to big sis, to me.
    Zenobia (Bee/Bia/Nobi/Zoe) - this matches very well, I like the A and Z together, and the nn's are cute.

    Some of your other names seem too 'mainstream' to me. Penelope will be very popular and 'normal' within a few years or a decade, I think. And Belphoebe, while a great match with Aphrodite and a personal favorite, I still think will be lumped in with the copious Belle's and Bella's and Phoebe's. Same with Morgana and Gwenllian. I like them a lot, but there are SO many little Morgan's and Gwen's already running around the playgrounds. These names lack enough of the 'singularity' factor to hold their own with big sis, imo.

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