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Thread: Brooks?

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    Hey Everyone!

    I am legit obsessed with surname-y names for boys, they are my favorite and they are the ones I love for my future sons the most. The one name besides Truman I'm having the hardest time figuring out a middle name for the name Brooks. (And I'm huge country music fan, my mother raised me on it and Garth Brooks and thought his last name was the coolest!)

    Help? I think the hardest part about finding a middle name for Brooks is because of the ending.

    Thanks so much guys!:)
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    I can see the appeal of Brooks, especially since I like the girl name Brooke, but simply out of preference, I like Burke better for a boy. really is tough to think of middles names, especially with the 's' sound at the end of Brooks.
    Brooks Cedric
    Brooks Evander
    Brooks Alaric
    Brooks Rory
    Brooks Noah
    Brooks Avery
    Brooks Indigo
    Brooks Oliver
    Brooks Andrew
    Brooks Julian
    Brooks Felix
    Brooks Ezra
    Brooks Timothy
    Brooks Edward
    Brooks Adrian
    Brooks Quinton
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    First off, I really like the other name you said is in your top names of Truman! Awesome name!

    Brooks William
    Brooks Lee
    Brooks Alec
    Brooks Corbin

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