View Poll Results: Which name do you like best? sibs are Lila and Nora

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  • Eloise

    54 44.63%
  • Gwyneth

    17 14.05%
  • Margaux

    16 13.22%
  • Cecily

    34 28.10%
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    I voted Cecily but also suggest Celia

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    I love Margaux and Eloise. Margaux is on our list, too, because my husband thinks that Margot looks too much like maggot. He was happy when I told him there is an alternate spelling because he loves the name!
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    I like Margaux but not the spelling of it, prefer Margo or Margot. I also like Cecily. Have you considered the name Cecilia? Very close to Cecily...

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    I had a really hard time picking between Eloise and Cecily. I settled on Eloise, but I really think either would sound lovely with Lila and Nora.
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    Thanks for all the votes and replies! Looks like the names are pretty closely tied, with cecily only slightly ahead. It's so helpful to get your input! I really trust the taste of the nameberries.

    I've studied these lists on the website tirelessly, but unfortunately dh is super picky and vetoes just about everything.

    He loves Mae, but I have a negative family association with it. So we considered Mabel but got very bad reactions to it from people around us.

    Margo I like, but am not in love with. It sounds a little frumpy to my ear, but it's one of the few names we agree on. Margot spelling looks like maggot, and dh doesn't like Margo-hence Margaux (which I worry may be a little pretentious?).

    Eloise I fell in love with but have hesitation because I don't want her to be lost in a sea of "Ellie's and Elle's). Is that an inevitable nn?

    Rmbear-I ADORE rose but haven't been able to get dh on board... He says it isn't "fresh". But I'm continuing to try because I love it.

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