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    i THINK we've chosen a name

    My husband is 100% committed to "Caroline Ashley Page" and I'm there 95%! Ashley is the name of a dear friend who passed away and Page is a family name. Caroline is not one I had ever previously thought of but my husband and I both like it and although I think it's beautiful I guess I'm concerned it might be a little old or dated? It's a bit scary to commit to a name as much as I like it! Thoughts would be appreciated!

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    If you don't like Caroline 100% then change the first name only. she will be called this all her life and not many people would even know her middle names. Why don't you call her Ashley Caroline Page? I also like Ashley spelled Ashleigh.

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    Caroline is really cute! The flow of the name you have is great, I really like it. I don't think that a name being dated is a big deal; you'll just get to start a revival, haha.
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    Have you thought of Coraline? Just a quick switch of those two vowels makes a huge difference. But if you've seen the movie you might recall her correcting people over and over, saying that she was Coraline, not Caroline.

    Either way, I think the name is very nice! I love Page!

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    It's great that you honored your friend and came to agreement with your husband. I like the varied syllable count 3-2-1 and the style of names flows without it being too matchy. Will the CAP initials bother you? I know you'll add a surname. It's just something that needs to be brought up.
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