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Thread: Bernadette?

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    I really like it, especially with the nn Benny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by celianne View Post
    See, I have this problem with LOVING old-fashioned, 'dated' names. So it doesn't bother me in the slightest, since I'm really attracted to the vintage feel.

    I pronounce Berenice Burr-neice, and really don't like it. It's clipped and harsh to me.

    The funny thing is that I didn't really like this name at all until yesterday, but the balance of the 'burn' sound with the more delicate 'ette' works wonders, I've found.

    Yeah, I'm pretty fickle, because with names like those I either love them (I adore Agnes, Agatha etc.) or I hate them. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.
    As for Berenice, that's why I could never use it. Even with the accent aigu I'm afraid people would still pronounce it your way, and I totally agree with you on the American pronunciation.

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