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Thread: Bernadette?

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    I seem to be on a name-acquisition rampage. This one magically popped into my head and, despite my general aversion to B names, I'm in love. It's the feminine form of Bernard, which I don't like, and which means something like 'brave bear.'

    So, the questions:

    What do you think of this name?

    How are Helena Valentine and Gloria Bernadette as a sibset?
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    It sounds a little dated to me. Something about it just screams unattractive to me, I don't know why. I much prefer the softer-sounding Berenice, but only spelled as Bérénice and pronounced the French way (bay-ray-NEES).
    I love Helena Valentine, not so much in love with Gloria Bernadette. Gloria sounds to me like what Pam and Linda might dub a "mom name," and Bernadette her fussy grandma. Sorry, I guess it's just not for me.

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    I think of Bernadette from the Big Bang Theory... cute, blonde, and smart.
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    I love it! International, timeless but uncommon.
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    I don't like it at all. I find the 'burn' sound really unappealing.

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