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    Some days I take lots of photos and sometimes I don't take any photos for a few weeks. I still have thousands of photos of my girls, that the great thing about digatal photography. Most of the photos are them playing when they don't know I'm watching, I love photos that capture them just being themselves.

    My husband has almost no photos of himself aged between 2 and 8 and it upset him not being able to look back in those times he can't remember clearly. We don't want our children to miss out on being able to reflect back on their childhood.
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    OMG- I totally am! I also really love photography in general, plus I think I have the best subject in the world to practice with, so yes, my son has grown up with a camera in his face. The downside is, my husband is terrible with a camera. So I have lots of awesome pics of them and not very many of me with him. I'm less quick to grab the video camera. It takes a really special moment for me to drag that out of the closet.
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    I take photos with my iPhone, you know when she does something cute I try to capture it. Husband does the "real" photos. We don't take a lot though... I think experiencing life together is more important.
    I know my daughter is still very little, but what I think is important is to capture more moments and everyday things than "occasions". Of course I will always take photos at birthdays and holidays, but the photos I love most from my childhood are the ones where my father caught the regular things. Drawing, tying my shoelaces, reading, cuddling my teddybear, making daisychains and climbing rocks. Nothing special, but that's what you want to remember, right? The things that makes your child (or whoever) who they are.

    I'm also cautious about taking too many. One of my dearest friends has parents who were always taking photos of them. I've seen her albums, and she developed a certain smile, a camera face that doesn't really look like her. It's all poses. And that would make me sad. I want the photos I take of my little one(s) to be alive, to be real, them running through fields and being too busy to notice the camera. When they smile for the camera I want their smiles to be full of happiness and joy because they're having fun and loving life, not because they feel a need to smile when I take their picture.
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    I am a mom who has a constant stream of texts demanding more photos & videos! The grandparents won't leave me alone! They live nearby enough to visit- 20 minutes, 1 hour & 3 hours, yet instead of coming over to babysit or help out they just feel as though I should document my days for them!

    Of course I enjoy taking photos of fun moments with my daughter. Her firsts, or if she's wearing a cute outfit, especially if it was a gift, ect. But honestly some of the fun has been taken out of it because I feel like I am responsible for a minimum of one image per day! If only it were the 90s and they didn't have the option of constant updates, maybe they would actually come over and spend time with my daughter...meanwhile I could have a moment to myself!!!

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    I take loads of photos but not to the detriment of my family time! I nearly always have a camera with me or my iPhone. On a family day out I'll take loads but on a quiet week I might not take any or only take a batch on a visit to the park or one dinner time. I download them onto the computer but I also print them and put them in I've had my second child I love comparing the two of them at the same age. After they have grown up I know in the years to one I will love looking through them. They are my most valuable rather have too many than not enough.

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