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    Eden and Violet are both floral, lush, word names. Isaac and Eden are both biblical Hebrew names. Violet and Isaac both share the long-I sound but they have a different number of syllables and different consonants. I think Eden, Isaac and Violet sound just fine together.

    If you did want something to connect the biblical/floral imagery, I would suggest Lily in place of Violet. However, you said you are not religious, and I think Violet would be a better choice for you. If the long-I just feels like too much (even though honestly, I hardly noticed it until you pointed it out, but I know how things like that can nag) then how about some nature names without it?


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    Thank you! Laurel and Willow are actually on my list too so you are right on the mark. Rose is my daughter's middle name (I liked as a first but DH did not). I also like Calla but as a short form of Caroline. I am not opposed to a biblical name but am not setting out for one for #3 either. I do think Lily is a beautiful match but it is my cousins daughter and the only cousin who lives nearby so definitely too close. Our last name ends with a long E sound so it makes all names ending in ie/y sound too rhymey (even though I have nicknames for both kids that end in that sound not sure I can have a formal name like that - at least not one that is 2 syllables as our last name is- and that is a shame too because I do like Maggie a lot). I think Juniper or just June might be a good option too. Thank you for your feedback, it is so appreciated!
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