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    Question Expecting our third, picking out unusual boy names is the hardest.

    We just recently found out we are going to be having a third child in March, I'm already hammering out possibilities for names. For boys, since I prefer unusual names, it's actually harder for me (if we have a girl, her first name is Phoenix, no argument and lots of possibilities for middle names that work well) but I'm all over the place for a boy name that I love. I like Sequoyah, and it accurately reflects my mother's heritage, but it's never heard around here, and I worry people won't recognize where it came from or will assume it is feminine. My other favorites for the first name are Storm, Indigo, Atreyu, and possibly Nakotah-though it might be too close to Dakota for me. Pairings I'm considering for middle names are Destry, Iniko, Aurelie, Altair, Dream, Kaniel, Story and Nashoba. Anyone have a winning combo that immediately stands out?

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    Why don't you look at the Unusual Nature Baby Names list? I'll link it for you.

    You could also look at the whole Nature Place and Word names category.
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