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    Due in 3 weeks! Help us choose - Thomas, Andrew, Jacob, or Ryan?

    Hi everyone,

    We will be having a baby boy shortly (a brother for Daniel) and are having trouble choosing a name for our little guy. We would love to hear your thoughts/impressions for each name. We are looking for a classic, traditional name. Our family last name is one of the most common (if not THE most common) hispanic last names with 3 syllables. Aside from my husband's heritage giving us the last name, that is about it - we don't speak spanish, all name pronounciations would certainly be american, etc.

    Here are the names we have tossed around so far:

    Thomas (nn Tom is what we would use nearly 100% of the time)

    Andrew (I like, hub's not so sure)

    Jacob (Hub's favorite, I like nn Jake but worry about having such a common first and last name)

    Ryan (Does this one sound dated?)

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
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    I would choose Thomas or Andrew. Good luck!
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    I like Ryan (my nephew) and Andrew (but I prefer Drew). I like Thomas, but not Tom. And Jacob is just too popular.

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    Thomas is one of my favorite boys names!

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    I like all but Jacob. I am SO sick of Jacob

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