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    I do think Elliott could become a more popular girls name, and I don't think Elliott and Elizabeth would work as a sibset. Too confusing! However, you could still use Elizabeth as a mn. I think whether or not Elliott becoming a girls name is a problem depends on you and your son (as well as your community). For some boys it might be an issue, for some it might not. Unisex names are also more popular now than ever... however if a name later becomes 90% female, it might be an issue. My brother had a unisex name that varied big time as to which gender was dominant, and had mixed feelings. So, I'd say use it if you like it and are confident in your choice... but if your son asks you at some point, "Why did you do this to me, Mom?!?!" (as my brother did), you'd need to be able to explain your choice (but I think all parents should be prepared to do this)...
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    Elliott is strong, literary, and timeless. Keep it! The similarity to Elisabeth is deemphasized by the pronunciation--e-LIS-a-beth as opposed to ELL-i-ott. Probably too similar for siblings' first names, but either would make a respectable middle.

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