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    Falling for Elliott... Maybe?

    Lately I really like the name Elliott (this spelling). The problem - or hopefully non problem - is that El names seem to be becoming a major trend for girls names. Elowen, Eloise, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Elise, Elodie, Ellie, Eleanor, etc. Also, I have seen quite a few girls named Eliot/Elliot/Elliott/Eliott recently. So... Should this be a problem? Should Elliott be of the list? Another consideration is that Elisabeth is a family name and I will almost definitely use it at some point as either a first or middle name. Does this rule out Elliott?
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    Elliott isn't a bad name. I haven't personally seen it on a girl but I could see it being used :/. I would say you could use Elisabeth as a middle name in the future but not as a first, if you do use Elliott. Good luck!!

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    I actually think a sibset of Elliott and Elisabeth would be cute, as long as you weren't afraid of being boxed into El/E names.

    And who cares if people have been using it on girls? I've always seen Elliott as a softer boy's name, and am one of the unfortunate number who likes the name on a girl (spelled Eliette; I'm a Nameberry sinner ). Anyway, don't be afraid of a boy's name because you think it might be becoming a girl's name. If everyone did that, we'd have no more boy's names left.
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    Elliot is a great name! Super handsome. I think it is a mistake on a girl unless spelled Eliette. Elliot & Elisabeth sound fine together.
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    I think Elliott is a great name for a boy, and I agree with celianne - there are some girls with the name, but you shouldn't let that deter you from using it for a boy! I also agree that Elliott and Elisabeth are fine together.

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