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    General Anesthesia For a C-section

    Okay, I know I've shared my birth experience a few times before but for reference, I had a c-section with Rowan after 23 hours of labor (failed induction) and long story short, my epidural did not work because it was not placed properly and I had to be knocked out on the operating table with nitrous and ketamine. It was extremely traumatic and obviously I am absolutely petrified of another c-section/epidural. I am not pregnant, but we will soon be TTC our 2nd and final child. Ever since Rowan was born, I have been researching ways of making my next birth less traumatic. So I have a few questions and I'd like to hear from mothers who have had general anesthesia, a VBAC with no epidural, or medical professionals.

    1. What are the risks of a c-section with general anesthesia compared to one with an epidural/spinal?
    2. What is the difference between a epidural and a spinal?
    3. What are the risks of a VBAC with no epidural, and would it be less risky than a c-section or more so?
    4. Will the hospital/doctors fight me if I choose general anesthesia? And do I have a right to demand it?
    5. I never got past 4 cm dilated, I was induced 4 days past my due date. Is it silly to even consider a VBAC?

    Any information, advice, or stories you have will help me greatly!
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