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    eh MEEL yuh

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    eh-mee-lyah. The "Em" as in Emily/Emma/Emmeline/Emerson/Emmet.

    (But English vowels are lazy so I see why it could sound like Amelia.)
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    I pronounce it the way the pp(s) have said. Like Amelia with an E. I love it

    I will say that I'm in the South (US) so the extra syllable would not really be pronounced (in the area I am in, anyway).
    As in, it would be pronounced 'Eh-meel-yah' not 'eh-mee-lee-ah' just like Amelia would not be pronounced 'ah-mee-lee-ah' but 'ah-meel-yah.'
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    Eh-mee-lee-uh. However, I knew a little girl with this name once and her parents pronounced it Em-ill-ee-uh (sort of like Emily-uh or Emma-Leah), which I think is pretty, but I bet no one ever pronounces it that way.

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    eh-MEE-lee-uh, but when I say it fast it sounds pretty much the same as Amelia.
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