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    Lightbulb Middle name for Lux

    Hi there!

    My husband and I are expecting our first child (gender unknown) and love the first name Lux. We are thinking of middle names and are having a hard time coming up with one we both agree on. We want something longer than one syllable (our last name is Young), and maybe something a little different, but not too out there. We also aren't into crazy spellings of normal names.

    So far we like:
    *Lux Emsley Young
    *Lux Crews Young (family name)
    *Lux Eveline Young
    *Lux Maisie Young

    Any other suggestions? For some reason the E names tend to sound better to us off the tongue, but open to anything! Thanks!!
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    The first two sound made up, IMO. Lux Eveline isn't bad, but I'm not sure how you pronounce it (like Evelyn? Or Eve, followed by the first syllable of Lena? I've heard both). And Maisie Lux sounds better to me, even though that isn't an option.

    Some suggestions (a fair bit of E names):
    Lux Caroline
    Lux Elodie
    Lux Fianna
    Lux Elspeth
    Lux Eloise
    Lux Severine
    Lux Elena
    Lux Beatrice
    Lux Andromeda
    Lux Fortuna
    Lux Mariama
    Lux Nathalie
    Lux Brielle
    Lux Esther
    Lux Zephyrine
    Lux Montana
    Lux Thalia
    Lux Elisabet
    Lux Seraphina
    Lux Coralie
    Lux Violette
    Lux Madeleine

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    What about Lux Genevieve Young?? I think it's adorable, yet wearable later in life.
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