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    What's the surname's first initial and how many syllables does it have? I wouldn't want to make any middle name suggestions that spell anything (Georgina Ella Tyler - GET). I'd also vary the # of syllables it has to vary the sound and not make it monotone (Georgina Viola Anderson - 3-3-3). I'd at least avoid another 3 syllable middle name. More info would be appreciated.

    You may also want to look at the Nameberry lists and go under Middle Names as well as I believe Sounds to come up with other ideas. Congratulations on your upcoming baby.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frances322 View Post
    Thanks Bibliophile. I still haven't fully committed to changing from Margo to Georgina, yet. (The hard to find MN is a big issue.) And I still seriously LOVE Margo, and I think you are right, Margo does go better with our MN options. Would you mind sharing with me why YOU prefer Margo to Georgina? Just curious.

    P.S. Georgina Violette is really lovely.
    I love Margo because it's simple, but effortlessly elegant. While other names float through trends and eventually will feel outdated (like, one could argue, Georgina), Margo is just one of those names that doesn't go out of style. It's also very versatile, and will pretty much pair beautifully with middle and last names of all cultures and styles.
    If you're still passionate about Georgina, you could always have two middle names. I think Margo Bertrice Georgine (or Margo Georgine Bertrice) works wonderfully.
    I hope I've been of assistance!

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    I would suggest for a Georgina MN:

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    Thanks Bibliophile! Yes, that was very helpful. I was sort of worried about the same thing myself. I think we are going to stay with Margo Bertrice. And hopefully we will find out the sex ASAP, so we can share the name with friends and family and I can stop all this second-guessing! I appreciate your help.
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