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    Yes, I think you will constantly be correcting people. As someone who also has a name like this, I would advise against it. MY WHOLE LIFE has been spent correcting people and it is so awkward to start a conversation that way. "Hi, I'm blank." "Nice to meet you, blank." "Actually it is not blank, it is blank." "Oh, I'm sorry!" "It's o.k. It happens all the time!"
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    My name is Kennedi, pronounced like Kennedy. I wouldn't think it would be that hard to figure out but for most of my life (less now because it is more popular), people have been confused by the spelling and thought they should pronounce it some other way. A lot of the times in classes I would know the teacher was at my name on the first day while reading the roll sheet because they would pause. Honestly, you tell most people once and they never have a problem again. If you love the name, use it!

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    My name is as basic as it gets: Christine. And yet ALL THE TIME I get ChristinA. Even from my own family members. I've gone thru phases where it's bugged me but in reality? It's not something worth being bugged about. People are always going to say and spell names incorrectly, because most just don't care enough to bother. If you truly love the name, go with it anyway!

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    Very likely it will be mispronounced. Remember, she might not live in the same place forever. It's up to you to decide if that bothers you.

    To me Madeline would rhyme with "-LINE" like Caroline, Emmeline, and Clementine. To guarantee the "-LYNN" pronounciation, the obvious choice would be Madelyn or (with an extra syllable) Madelina.
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