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    What would you pick?

    Avery Jean

    Alexis Ann

    Aubrey Elise

    Emmerson Michelle

    Sisters are Olivia, Addison, and Ella

    Please feel free to give other combos as well!

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    I feel like Avery Jean and Aubrey Elise fit well with your other daughters' names. However, as a fan of Elise's sleekness, I'll have to go with Aubrey Elise.
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    Avery Jean goes well with Olivia, Addison, and Ella
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    Truthfully, I quite like all of them except for Alexis Ann. I don't love the names Jean or Michelle on their own, but they do have a very nice flow as middle names with the chosen first names. Avery Jean and Emerson Michelle are quite lovely. Aubrey Elise is beautiful, too.

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    I vote Aubrey Elise.
    Emerson shares the same -son ending as sister Addison, so I'd nix that one. I like Alexis, but not with Ann. As a general statement, I dislike alliterated names. As for Avery, I just personally dislike it, and I don't feel it goes as well with siblings, either.

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