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  • Victoria (nn Tori)

    23 22.12%
  • Cora

    19 18.27%
  • Clara

    39 37.50%
  • Christina (nn Chrissy)

    1 0.96%
  • Tessa

    22 21.15%
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    Tessa and Clara are my favorites from that list. Cora is nice, too

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    I think I like Victoria a bit better than Tessa, only because of the nickname potential. Tori, Vicki, Vic, choices for every kind of girl. Cora is my favorite of your list though. It's simple and unique, it's clean and fresh but it still has a strong feminine side.

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    I voted for Cora, since it's the only one that's really my style, but between Victoria and Tessa I'd definitely vote for Victoria. It goes much better with your last name, and it isn't nearly as trendy. I'm not a huge fan of the nickname you've chosen, it feels a little dated. I personally don't think a nickname is needed, but if you did, I'd go with something like Ria.

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    Tessa, times a million! Tessa has spunk, sweetness, and a breezy cool factor. Tori is dated. Victoria, as-is, is lovely and regal. Tori brings it down a little.

    I love the rest of your names. Tessa came in second to Clara for me. Cora is also very pretty!

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    I like Tessa better of the 2 personally, but I think Victoria Miller sounds better than Tessa Miller.

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