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  • Victoria (nn Tori)

    23 22.12%
  • Cora

    19 18.27%
  • Clara

    39 37.50%
  • Christina (nn Chrissy)

    1 0.96%
  • Tessa

    22 21.15%
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    Which name do you like best?

    Please let me know which name you like best. We are trying to narrow down our options. Last name is Miller.

    Also, which name do you like better between Victoria (nn Tori) and Tessa? My husband and I dissagree about these two.


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    I like Victoria better!

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    Tessa is so pretty!
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    I picked Victoria because Cora and Clara aren't my my cup of tea, and I would rather see Tessa as a nickname for Therese or Theresa. Christina almost got the pick, but I really do like Christine better.
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    I chose Tessa because it's a great variation of Tess and the -a ending would make it even more unique. Cora's been on people's radar ever since Dowton Abbey's popularity. Clara's a vintage old lady name that's a bit too on-trend right now. Christiana's so in that's it's out and is quite overused for me. Victoria's been one of the most common names for decades which is a minus for me. Despite having the same syllable count as your last name Tessa (blank) Miller, you could make it work with a 1 or 3 syllable middle name that doesn't start with A or end with A, M, or -er.
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