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Thread: It's a Girl!!

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    Talking It's a Girl!!

    Our little surprise arrived July 4! An 8 lb 11oz girl :-) We are so thrilled, and her big brother is beyond excited. We decided to name her Callie Sage Eilonwy (eye-LAWN-wee). Double middle names aren't usually my cup of tea, but this was a good option for us because we just had too many names we loved. This way we didn't have to give up one of our favorites, and we could keep a good flow. Thanks for all the help and advice Berries!
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    Congratulations! I love her name!
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    A baby named Callie!! I love it. And the whole combo flows so beautifully. Congratulations!
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    Callie, beautiful choice! and I totally understand your reasoning with having two middle names congrats and enjoy this precious time.
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    Congratulations! Callie is lovely, as is the whole combo. I think Everett and Callie are adorable together, too, btw. All the best!
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