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    Hey - I went in to the perinatal specialist yesterday for my baby's 19 week Anatomy Ultrasound, and he specifically addressed the concerns of taking SSRI's during pregnancy so I wanted to chime in again.

    First of all, our baby girl's heart is perfect. But because of the slightly increased risk of a heart issue, he wants us to come back in about 6 weeks for another specialist to do an echo on baby girl's heart and really make sure everything is as it should be. I was surprised to hear this but I'm more than happy to do it and put our minds at ease. But when he sat down to talk to us at the end of the visit, he took the time to specifically say, "You need to stay on this medication." He talked about how he knows mom's tend to have a "guilt chip" (his words) and that some mom's will spend their entire pregnancy beating themselves up every time they take a pill - and he said absolutely don't do that. Mom needs to be healthy, mentally and physically, and that creates a much safer environment for baby (even w/the slight possibility of side effects) than a mom not on her meds. I'm not great with numbers but I believe he said the risk of a heart defect in the general population (i.e., baby born to mom not on anti-depressants) is about 1% - when mom is on anti-depressants it goes up to about 2-2.5%. The increase is that small. Also, when you feel good, you take better care of yourself, and therefore your baby, and that is so important. He said the same thing about the pain medication I take - mom being in constant, chronic pain is not healthy for baby either. I swear I could have kissed the man! I've spent so much time questioning and beating myself up, I really needed that from him. I feel like I can breathe quite a bit easier now!

    Anyway, just wanted to add that experience as well. Obviously, it's always going to be a personal, individual decision, and you have to do what's right for you. Don't let ANYONE pressure you in any direction because it's your life, your body, and your baby. :-)

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    I just spoke with my psychiatrist today about medications while ttc and pregnant and he had some interesting information I thought I would share. I'm currently on Zoloft and Abilify and I thought that it was the Abilify I would have to stop but I learned today that of the two it is the less likely to cause side effects. He said that there are category distinctions for medications during pregnancy and that most all psychiatric medications are class c or d. Class c medications are uncertain if safe or not as animal studies have shown adverse effects but there have been no human studies done. Class d is for drugs that are known to be unsafe and that we have direct evidence of harmful effect on growing babies. He said that even though class d meds are known to be harmful there are still many situations where these medications are extremely helpful and necessary during pregnancy. I currently plan to tapper of my Zoloft and attempt to remain solely on my Abilify even though it is a newer drug so it's possible that we just don't know what the effects are yet.

    @sarahmezz: if you are having increasingly more trouble with your depression it may be the best thing for you and your future baby to go back on some form of medication, especially because those of us with depression and anxiety issues can be more susceptible to postpartum depression. Also btw sorry I thought you were already pregnant...I know that can be hurtful when your trying I just misread your message. I'm glad we can all help each other during this life altering process

    @cvdutch31: Thank you for sharing it is so helpful to have more information. The heart issue risk is the main reason my doctor suggests I go off my Zoloft and remain on my Abilify instead but I've been on my Zoloft so long I'm not sure how my panic will respond without it and I may end up needing to reintroduce it later. I'm going to try this plan and see how things go as we continue ttc as I feel it's the best time to test things out. Congrats on the continued health of your little one...sending you and her the best of thoughts!
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    Personal update: I had a doctor's appointment last night. Unfortunately, my usual doctor was away, but I've seen the replacement doctor before. He advised me very strongly against going back on anti-depressants. He said they all carry risks and I shouldn't take any risks unless absolutely necessary. I'm inclined to agree. I think the risks are too great to justify going back on anti-depressants, but it's hard to know where to draw the line. Pretty much, unless I'm contemplating throwing myself off a building, I'm going to try to soldier on anti-depressant free.
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