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    I have a history of pretty severe mental illness - bipolar disorder/anxiety issues, multiple near-fatal suicide attempts/hospitalization, etc. I was on two medications considered high-risk in pregnancy - one known to cause severe defects, and the other only causing withdrawal symptoms post-partum with a very rare incident of pulmonary issues (something like 1/1000 births VS 1/3000 births). My OB suggested I stay on medication, my psychiatrist suggested I go off of it. Switching to a "safer" med wasn't an option...I've tried them all and had nasty side effects with many.

    I stopped taking it. Halfway through my pregnancy, I started to feel depressed - my BP was very low, I couldn't drive, and was very down. I decided I would go on medication if a) my symptoms got worse or b) didn't improve within a few weeks. They did improve, and I never went on medication. I've now been breastfeeding, off medication, for 4 weeks.

    I did have withdrawal symptoms when I stopped taking my meds. I had heart palpitations that were REALLY unpleasant, dizziness, and I think that attributed to my low BP. Those lasted about two weeks.
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