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    I took Citalopram during my last pregnancy and all was fine. Like others here, the benefits outweighed the potential risk of minor withdrawal symptoms.
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    It's a question of risk versus benefit, and talk to your you mentioned some medications within the same class can be safer than others, so make sure you are on the safest option in the particular class that works for you. (An example is that doxepin is less safe than other tricyclics) Generally, SSRIs have been considered to be the safest antidepressant class, but there is recent evidence for an increased risk of persistant pulmonary hypertension of the newborn. Panic disorder can be very serious, so I would guess that stopping medications may not be an option...the stress of pregnancy itself could exacerbate your condition, right? But if you haven't had any symptoms for more than 6 months, your Dr. may consider trying to taper your medication doses down. Most importantly, know that by thinking about it and weighing the options with your healthcare professional, you are doing the right thing. You can only do your best...and when you come to the best decision for you and baby, don't feel guilty about it. No parents are perfect, we are all just doing the best we can. Best wishes!

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    Thank you everyone for the wonderful responses! I love how supportive and safe an environment Nameberry is and I really appreciate all of your input.
    @cvdutch: I take vitamins like a fiend because my mother is very into alternative medicine and natural remedies to supplement health. I am really grateful for your sharing your story thank you so much!
    @thatkathryngirl: Thank you for the hugs I can always use them! I just want to be as prepared as possible because there is nothing more important to me than being a mother and doing everything I can for my children
    @jennifermariska: Thank you for sharing it really helps to *talk* to other people about it.
    @hilary: I so much appreciate your story it really means a lot to me. I am lucky enough to have a very knowledgeable psychiatrist who I have spoken with from the start about pregnancy and starting a family, he is very up to date on his research and has been very supportive and helpful. I would love to read some of the research you complied, I will pm you!
    @milasmamma: thank you very much for sharing!
    @iamamiam: I am currently on an SSRI and my doctor has assured me it is one of the more stable and safe for use during pregnancy. I am a bit concerned that I may not handle everything in the best way without my medication as I am far from symptom free in my daily life but I have always felt that pregnancy will sit well with me and firmly believe I will be able to embrace the whole experience (of course no telling until it actually happens so I want to be prepared).
    Thank you so much everyone for your kindness and willingness to share your experiences!
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    I was on anti depressants since I was in 7th grade. I am 23 now and I was on Lexapro. But after speaking with my doctor and him telling me birth effects can happen I took the proper steps to get off of the meds to make sure my future bub is healthy and safe. We are TTC now so that was my motivation. I kind of look at like a blessing because since getting off the medication 2-3 months ago I feel so much better in general. But if I were you I would speak with your doctor and have him/her direct you in a direction that is right for you and your future baby. Even if you are not TTC it is okay to speak with your doctor about future plans. That is what I did. And he was very supportive.

    In my opinion though I would not be on anything. I know it may be hard for people or yourself but I feel knowing you are doing it for a good reason keeps you happy and balanced. Then once your child is born and you feel you need to go back on them that is perfectly fine. Also I included exercising (walking my dogs) into my routine. I enjoy it and it helps me release any stress or anxiety I may have. Finding alternatives, eating properly (especially staying away from caffeine), learning ways to cope and not relying on medication has truly helped me and I would never want to turn back.
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    I was on Lexapro for three years (and intermittently for a couple of years before that), but stopped in January in preparation for TTC. I had bad withdrawal problems for two months, but have been okay since March (okay enough to stay off medication for the duration of a pregnancy). However, my self-esteem has taken a massive hit. I feel badly about myself and my looks a lot (almost bordering on body dysmorphic disorder) and unhappier in general, but I don't think I'm at the point where I need to go back on medication. Of course, I want to stay off medication during pregnancy if I can, but I think there's a good chance I'll go back on medication after the baby is born. I'm much happier on medication than off. One tactic I've used to help elevate my mood is exercise. I know it sounds trite, but it really helps. I try to run at the gym about four times a week. Of course, this depends on your situation. My depression is fairly mild, but all the exercise in the world probably won't help someone with more severe mental health issues.
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