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    Quote Originally Posted by teacherma View Post
    While I can see the appeal of Vyntage with the nickname Vinnie (or Vynnie, in this case), I'm not sure how much she will like it when she hits 60+ years of age.
    She will be a true vintage!

    Vintage does not make a good name.
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    Well, I used to buy a lot of vintage clothing in my teenage years so that's the image I get from the name. I think it would make a quirky mn choice but I wouldn't use it for a first name (especially with the random "y" thrown in). Considering that the term "vintage" is usually associated with the quality of aging, enduring or improving over time (eg. wine), it makes an interesting word for a name.
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    That is horrible. Vintage in itself is not great but Vyntage??

    That's like Millionaire v. Milyonare. Ick.

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    Good god - it's awful.

    I see why somebody might think it's a good idea. Right now the whole idea of 'vintage' - vintage clothes, vintage furniture, vintage names - is trendy. And why name your little girl something old and disgusting like Eleanor or Dorothy when you can go all out and name her the REAL thing? Name her the trend itself, of course.

    Like somebody in the 20s naming their kid Flapper. Or somebody in the 70s naming their kid Groovy or Mod or Sexual Liberation. The logic is there, I suppose.
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    I actually like it! I surprised myself.

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