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  • Alexis

    12 11.32%
  • Emily ("Em")

    29 27.36%
  • Erica

    12 11.32%
  • Rachel

    34 32.08%
  • Other... please suggest!

    19 17.92%
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    The names you've narrowed down to...don't quite match Lillian for me. Lillian's a bit of an offbeat classic. The rest...have a bit of a mod-ish feel to me. Lillian is purely soft sounds. The others have more of an abruptness to them, except maybe Emily. To my mind, Lillian goes better with a softer name like Eleanor, Sarah, Helen. That being said, I love the name Erica, and I really don't have anything bad to say about Rachel or Alexis. Not very helpful, am I? Best of luck nonetheless!

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    I like Rachel... but I am biased

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    I agree with other posters that Alexis and Erica feel dated to me. I voted for Emily because it's a timeless classic, despite the current popularity. I grew up with waaaaaaay too many Rachels, so that one feels very 'blah' to me.

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    So right now I'm probably most torn between Rachel and Emily. Rachel could grow on me but I don't just LOVE it. Emily though, I love how it sounds and looks. (Probably why I also like Lillian/ Lily!)

    Will we get people thinking really, a Lily AND an Emily? Would you be self-conscious of this if you had 2 children with similar names? Our boy's name is very different than Lily. (We're expecting our 3rd.)

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    Rachel in this instance gets my pick...
    Other suggestion would be Edith which I think sounds darling with Lillian.
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