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    Clemence and Elizabeth: Could they be sisters?

    So, my two favorite names at the moment are Clemence and Elizabeth. I love the sounds, the imagery, the nickname possibilities (they'd probably be called by their full names anyway, but I adore Clem and Lizzie!). So my question: Is Elizabeth, a name that has been at the top of the charts for so many years, a fitting sister for the more exotic Clemence?

    I previously had Seraphine as a sister for Clemence, but Lizzie is such a darling name, how could I leave her behind?

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Clemence's middle name would be Eleanor, Elizabeth's would be Mary. Thanks!
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    I'm kind of a medieval nerd, but they work well to me because of that. Very Anglo-Norman

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    I like them together... But I much rather Elizabeth Seraphine to Elizabeth Mary...
    Clemence Eleanor and Elizabeth Seraphine... ☺
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    Elizabeth and Clemence are great sibling names. Elizabeth is popular but she isn't popular in a trendy way like Nevaeh she's popular in a 'I'm a steady classic, that's always been popular' way. Elizabeth is a beautiful classic which a range of great nicknames such as Eliza, Beth, Lizzie, Liz, Betsy, and Betty. I also love Clemence! I love the Clementine variants; Clemence, Clemency, and of course Clementine. I also have a soft spot for Clement. They are fantastic names. So elegant and pretty well handsome in Clement's case anyway. Clemence feels very fresh, and natural.

    Yes of course Clemence is exotic compared to the well known Elizabeth, but they just sound brilliant together. They sound so sweet and elegant together. Very upper-crust British sibling set. I also love the Clem and Lizzie nicknames together!!

    Clemence Eleanor & Elizabeth Mary are brilliant : )

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