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    I wouldn't usually go for this (I grew up in a lake town, so I have the whole boat dock association thing in my head..) but, since it's to honor your dad, I think it's a good idea!
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    Marina is pretty, exotic and surprisingly rare. It has a Shakespearean connection as well as a royal one. Princess Marina of Greece married the present Queen's late uncle Prince George in 1934 and became the Duchess of Kent. She was an elegant lady on the best dressed lists for many years.
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    I actually like the flow of Willa Marina - I think it's fine they both end in A.

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    I think Marina is very pretty - and for girls I nearly always go for names ending in A.
    It would go nicely with some of your list: Fallon Marina, Amber Marina etc, maybe better than with Willa.
    -Side note: I just wanted to mention I don't get what all the fuss is about over Willa. I mean its pretty but I really don't get why it's #35 in the top 100 on this site. Sorry, that's probably not helpful to you (however I DO like most of your other choices!)

    I like some of the alts listed but another one of my favorites is Marnie (Mar-Nee) - it's so unexpected!

    If your focus is solely on the meaning,
    You could also go with any variation of Margarite or Marjorie meaning Pearl, or any variation of Maris or Marissa meaning Of the Sea. OR Meriel, Meryl, or any version of Marilyn which means Bright Sea.
    Or if you haven't already, check out this list: Lots of pretty sea-related names on here.
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    I love Marina and its references, and I agree with many other users above that it is the best of its variations. I'm not quite sure it fits with Willa in the first-names spot, I tend to dislike two consecutive names that end in A. I also think that Marina sounds stronger in a first name slot, as opposed to the much milder Willa. How about Marina Willow (or, I suppose, Willow Marina)? Off your signature, I'm a fan of Marina Genevieve (or, Genevieve Marina) as well.

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