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    I love Penelope Sarah! Although I can see Penelope becoming very popular due to the Kardashians (look at Mason!) If that doesn't bother you, then I'd say go with Penelope. Some other choices:

    Caroline Sarah (nn Carrie or even Lena)
    Catherine /Katherine Sarah (Kate, Katie, Katie Sarah)

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    Penelope Sarah and Josephine Sarah both work, and Penny and Josie go great with sister Ellie. I've also always loved Juliet Sarah and that would go nicely with Elisabeth as well

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    I like Penelope and Josephine, but I don't think Evangeline sounds right with Elizabeth (similar lengths, both E names, plus too fancy compared to the classic Elizabeth). Elizabeth is so classic - what about Catherine/Katherine nn Kate or Cat?

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    I love Penelope and Evangeline! However, with Elisabeth as a sister I prefer Penelope. Penny is a very cute nickname - I also like Nell/Nellie and Poppy for this name. I've never been a huge fan of Josephine, but if you love it that's what's important! The nn Josie is very cute. What about Luciana or Lucia for a nickname Lucy? Admittedly, neither of those sounds great with Sarah (and I agree that Louisa Sarah is not a perfect combo).
    Some suggestions:
    Charlotte nn Lottie
    Vivienne nn Vivi
    Amelia nn Mia
    Genevieve nn Evie, Neve, Vivi, Gia
    Adeline or Adelaide nn Addie
    Annabelle nn Belle, Annie
    Seraphina nn Sera (though obviously you would use this as an alternate to Sarah and choose a new middle because Seraphina Sarah is a bit crazy)
    Susannah nn Sunny, Sanna, Annie (also not great with Sarah)
    Beatrice nn Bea
    Lydia nn Lydi (not sure on spelling but it sounds cute!), Lia
    Juliette nn Julie

    Hope that helps! By the way, love your spelling of Elisabeth!


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