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Thread: Breech baby

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    I second the spinning babies website suggestion, from memory you will need a spotter (someone to help) to get into some of the suggested positions. I know some people have also found acupuncture to be helpful as well. You hopefully have a few weeks up your sleeve to do your best to get baby head down. I understand not wanting a scheduled c-section and am about to try for a vbac myself in the very near future!

    Good Luck!
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    I just had an unmedicated vaginal breech birth three weeks ago.

    I was a breech baby, born by c-section. When I found out my son was breech at the 20 weeks ultrasound, I just had this feeling that he would remain that way and not turn. I was right - all my efforts to turn him were for naught. But I did end up having a natural birth, thanks to my doctor, who is experienced in vaginal breech birth.

    Since you are at 34 weeks, there's still a good chance that your baby will turn on his/her own. If your baby is still breech at term, then you have the option of an external version. The external version has about a 50-60% success rate. I had an unsuccessful external version at 37.5 weeks. I wouldn't say it was painful, exactly - it felt like a lot of intense pressure, but it only lasted for one minute before the doctor stopped. Unfortunately, I think my baby's bum was already settled in my pelvis, because they could not move him. If I have another breech baby, I would try it again though.

    There is the website spinningbabies that recommends various natural methods to turn the baby. I tried the exercises, tilts, and standing upside-down in a swimming pool. It didn't do anything but give me a backache. Everyone recommended chiropractic to me, but by then I already had my failed external version, and I thought that if two doctors pushing on my belly with all their might would not turn him, the chiropractor definitely could not. Plus, I was tired of being manipulated. If the baby was going to turn, he would do it on his own.

    If you're interested in chiropractic, you could try it, and you should probably start it as soon as possible. I didn't try it because I just didn't believe it would be effective. I have no idea where they get their "80%" or "90%" effectiveness rate, because there are no quality studies that show the effectiveness and safety of their procedure.

    I also wanted to avoid a c-section. In the end, I was lucky to find a doctor who is experienced in vaginal breech birth. Unfortunately, these doctors are very rare (in the US) - most are either retired or nearly retired. The skills are really dying out. My doctor is the only one is the state who still delivers breech babies vaginally. Even if vaginal breech birth is something you'd consider, you might not be able to find a doctor in your area who attends vaginal breech births.

    I hope your baby turns, and wish you luck in whatever you choose.

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    External version isn't really that painful, in my opinion. They gave me sublingual nitroglycerin both times (at 37 weeks and at 39 weeks) and I don't remember it hurting so much as it being a strange experience. And it worked, so I was happy.

    Give acupuncture a try, too. It definitely gets them moving around for some reason.
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    So I talked to my doctor this week and if the baby doesn't turn she gave me too options: 1) do an external version at 39 weeks but if it works stay and get induced but if doesn't go right to a c-section. The other option is wait until I go into labor on my own and hope the baby turns by then and if not, still have to get the c-section. I'm glad I at least get the option to wait and see if she will move on her own but not very excited that either way I could end up with a c-section. Most likely I will just wait cause I didn't want to be induced either but until then I guess I'll do everything possible to get this baby to move since her head under my ribs is not comfortable either!

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    Birth issues have to be a personal decision, so I don't want to sound at all like I'm pressuring you to resist your doctors, but I've been really fascinated by this blog: There are a bunch of stories of natural, vaginal breech births!

    This page specifically has some info: Breech Babies Are Another Variation of Normal
    This page has more specific statistics, including that most breech babies WILL turn eventually: Breech Birth Statistics

    Personally, if my baby is breech (too early now to tell), at minimum I will wait until I go into labor naturally. I would absolutely refuse an early c-section (unless there were some other serious medical reason), to give the baby as much time as possible to turn. (Some babies even turn once labor starts!) Not sure if then I would chose c-section or actually try to vaginally birth; would have to do a lot more research on risks, hubby would have to be educated and onboard, and would have to have a supportive dr/midwife.

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