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    Question Newly discovered family name, usable?

    My father and I were cleaning up the garage a few days ago, and we came across some newspaper clippings from quite a while back. On it were names of all our ancestors on his side (obituaries my gran kept). One of them looks like a family name that is passed on to first born boys.
    The name is Colwell (it was a surname way back in the family tree, and has been used on 4 family members as middle names) It skipped my father as his mother didnt want her kids to have MN.
    I just wanted to know if the name Colwell would be frowned upon in this modern age (as a MN)?

    Here is a bit of what Colwell means: English: habitational name from places in Northumberland and Devon named Colwell. The former is named with Old English col ‘(char)coal’ or col ‘cool’ + well(a) ‘spring’, ‘stream’; the latter has as the first element a Celtic river name, Coly, apparently meaning ‘narrow’.

    Note: I am not expecting/nor am i even thinking of babies, i am just curious about your opinions
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