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    I think it's lovely! I used to have Evelina (ev-ah-lee-nah) on my list, for the nn Evie, and I think Eveline (this spelling!) is lovely, too. I'm not terribly keen on Evelene (it just looks made-up and trendy, whereas Eveline is a legitimate name, although I'm not sure its history) or Evaline (I instinctively separate it into Eva and line, so it's EE-vah-line, not EV-uh-leen, which I think is so much prettier). I like the pp's suggestion of Evel!en, though!

    I agree with the pp, though--if we excluded every name that came from a Disney movie, you'd exclude a lot of names! I would think more people would think of Evangeline Lilly (and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem) long before they'd think of the Disney character. Wasn't she a moon, or a star, or something? I think the connection is actually quite beautiful.
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    I once met a Finnish girl named Eeva-Leena pronounced like (Ava-Layna)--I love that pronunciation best. Evangeline is about the only 'E' name I really like.

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