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    Thoughts on Evelene?

    For a very long time my husband and I have loved the name Evelyn Judy (Judy, after grandma) but I don't think I could stand using such a popular name. Every time I see the name Evangeline I just love it so much, but I don't like that its a Disney name. So I kind of meshed them together to make Evelene. What do you think? Does it sound too made up?

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    It's pretty; my friend's friend is named E v e l i e n and pronounces it the same as Evelene. I believe she was a foreign exchange student from Belgium. I think E v e l i e n looks prettier, but both names have a lovely sound.
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    When I first saw the name, I thought it would be pronounced as Eve, and then the first syllable of Lena (EEVE-leen), but it doesn't look like that's your intended pronunciation.
    I actually like the idea of combining those two names, but only spelled as Evaline. In your spelling, not only is there potential mispronunciation, it's visually unappealing to me (way too many E's).
    And honestly, if the Disney reference is what's putting you off of Evangeline, I wouldn't let it hold you back. I had to look up the character to see what movie it came from, and I'm pretty sure she's a minor character. The first Evangeline I think of is the heroine of A Tale of Acadie.

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    Thanks for the thoughts on spelling, I think you guys are right. Now that you point out the EEVE-leen pronunciation I can't not see it lol

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    Yea, I didn't even know that Evangeline was "Disney" name. It's on the frilly side but it's not like you're using Cinderella or even Aurora or Tiana.
    If you like Evelene, I'd use it as a nn for Evangeline, because Evelene is just too made up imo.
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