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    Madeleine, Madeline, or Madelyn?

    I would like the name to be pronounced mad-a-lehn, but I can't decide on the spelling.

    I like Madelyn the least, but I feel like it has the most straightforward pronunciation.

    Madeline is my favorite spelling, but I worry that people would pronounce phonetically, with the long "I."

    I understand that Madeleine is the most correct spelling of the name as I'd like it pronounced. To me, it looks phonetically like it should be said with a long "I" even though I know it is a French name and that's what gives it the "lehn" sound.

    Do you think Madeleine is more or less likely to be pronounced as mad-a-lehn in the U.S.?

    Which is your favorite? For the record, we have a long last name that starts with "M."

    Thank you!!

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    sweet and simple Madeline get my vote. When in doubt KISS.
    I think with a name like this people know that there are multiple regional pronunciations and simply saying "we prefer mad-a-lehn" should be good enough, nobody is going to say "oh well you should have spelt it differently then", it's a very plausible option.
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    Thanks, Lexiem!

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    Funny story about Madeleine - my French-Canadian great aunt was Madeleine, and I had no idea. It always sounded like Mudlenn. I would stay away from Madeline only because the children's book and television series pronounces it with the long I. I agree, however about staying away from Madelyn.
    I don't know how non-French people pronounced Madeleine; but I'm pretty sure it will be easier for people to remember. (A spelling that doesn't look like its pronounciation is more likely to make an impression than one letter off)
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    Madelyn is pronounced Mad-ah-lynn, not Mad-ah-lehn, so I wouldn't use that spelling. Plus it looks overly trendy.

    Madeline can be pronounced Mad-ah-line. That is how I would pronounce it.

    If you want the Mad-ah-lehn pronunciation you would definitely be better off with Madeleine. It is the nicer of the spellings and is the most straight forward for pronunciation. I have an aunt Madeleine too actually.
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