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    Soldier .... too much?

    I have a huge crushed on the name Soldier lately.Iam in love with it and I was thinking that if we use names like Archer, Danger, Booker, Painter etc so why not use Soldier? This name gives the imagine of a handsome man who is well educated and protects his family to me.But I am afraid if it's too much as a name or if he gives the imagine of a parent who is very fond to his country and wants to pass this to his son.

    So I need your honest opinions on that name.
    Do you think he will teased a lot?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Soldier would be a quirky choice for a middle name but I wouldn't use it for a first name. I don't think Danger (this is just asking for trouble ), Booker or Painter are very good for first names either. Archer is the only one in your posting that I think is usable as a first name.
    All the best,

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    Thanks @mischa.I definitely not going to use Booker or Danger. Archer maybe. But I even consider Soldier on a girl! Dear god i'am propably a freak lol.

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    Soldier isn't a surname with history of use as a first name, like Archer. It's a job and a controversial job at that. It makes me think of what is essentially legal murder. Definitely pass.

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    Soldier definitely comes off as a very patriotic choice, and is also such an unusual occupational name choice that it has the (possibly unintended) effect of typecasting what kind of child he/she will be... what if little Soldier grew up to be an anti-gun, anti-war, pacifist Buddhist or something?

    I would discourage using Soldier as a first name. I suppose it wouldn't be the worst middle name choice you could make if you really want to use it on a future child, but honestly... I think I'd save it for a nickname. Or maybe for a pet dog.

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