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    Time crunch & no middle name yet for Catalina! Send me your unusual 2 syllable names!

    Two weeks left before baby arrives and I haven't found a combo for Catalina that I like yet.
    I'm looking for a first middle name that is uncommon, unexpected and fuss free. The second middle name will be Eve.
    Would like the name to be two syllables, so that it sounds nice with Eve and because Catalina is such a mouthful.
    Names that we like, but won't work due to running together/mumbled sounds and too many vowels are Ilithia, Astoria, Persephone, Starling, Juno, Dahlia, zinnia.
    I like juniper, lotus, saffron, and sonnet, but aren't sure if they are too much.

    Catalina juniper eve
    Catalina lotus eve
    Catalina saffron eve
    Catalina sonnet eve.

    I like names that have a nature aspect to them, but don't want to end up with a descriptive name. Our last name starts with L and sounds like Lennon.

    Any thoughts, suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I'm running out of time and I'm going around in circles! Help!
    Welcomed T January 2012
    And M July 2013

    Expecting another little mover May 2015

    Will it be -

    Zara, Catalina, Zinnia, Adara, Amarylla, Illyria or Eve


    Bodhi, Tadhg, Teague, Rafferty, Tavish, Reeve or Zephyr

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    Catalina Elatine Eve came to mind if you like alliteration - will post again if I think of anything else. Good luck!

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