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    Red face Mia's Middle Name

    I really like the name Mia, but I need some middle name ideas. The name Mia is short so I was hoping for a longer name not ending in a or starting with a or m. I also like the name Maria and could use the NN Mia. What do you think???????

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    Mia Eleanor
    Mia Katherine
    Mia Charlotte
    Mia Verity
    Mia Jasmine
    Mia Elizabeth
    Mia Isabelle
    Mia Juniper
    Mia Juliet

    Maria is nice to give her a longer name to wear if she pleases, but I personally prefer the shorter and punchier Mia.

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    Thank You!

    I like your suggestions of Mia Katherine and Mia Elizabeth. Thank you so much!!!!
    I was wondering what everyone thought of Oliver Flynn.
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    Also what do you think of Mia Jude?

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    Personally, I love Mia Marie! I think it is just so beautiful!

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