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    Quote Originally Posted by scarletsway View Post
    Wasn't attacking just staying my opinion on how your statement kind of came off. That is all. If you can't handle people conversing about their opinions or feelings on a certain comments then maybe you should not be on a public forum. You also have to remember no one can hear your voice and how your stating the sentence. So they read it a certain way (like me) which may not be the tone at all. Never said you were rude, and did not feel I was attacking you....I actually followed my statement with something really positive about how berries can actually catch on when I am terrible at it. Sorry if your feelings were hurt just stating how I felt.
    No problems. I sometimes forget that subtle language is often lost on these type of things. I guess trolls like these bring out the worst in me
    No harm intended and all is fine. Appreciate your kind response.
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    Congratulations on the birth of triplets! All of your chosen names are beautiful! Your husband has great taste too! I think Bellemeane is gorgeous!
    Mother to little~Francine Annika~

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    Congratulations on the birth of your three little princesses! You're surely going to have your hands full now! What beautiful name choices, I love Kitty and Edith. Edith's actually one of my favorite's, and Rosebud is so different! Love it! Best of luck, Xoxox
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