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    I quite like Pippa from your list.

    Story is an interesting choice, but I would pair it with a different middle...maybe...Story Kathleen?

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    Thanks for all of the opinions :-)

    I still can't choose! Any other opinions?

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    I like Philippa Rose or Grace (nn Pippa).

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkrd View Post
    I like Philippa Rose or Grace (nn Pippa).
    There is a reason I chose Pippa vs. Philippa. I REALLY dislike Philippa. I can't see it on a little girl.

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    Story Day - While Story is cute, I wouldn't pair it with Day. Story Kathleen and Story Grace sound nice.

    Brooklynn Rose - I would prefer Brooke or even Brooklyn spelled this way. What about Brooke Rosalie?

    Bella Kathleen - Nice combo. One of my favorites from your list.

    Pippa Rae - Another favorite of mine from your list. I like Pippa as a nickname for Philippa too.

    Paysleigh Grace - I wouldn't spell Paisley like this. It's a word/pattern and people know how to spell it the correct way so misspelling it would only create unnecessary problems.

    Kristijana Rae - I like the sound of this one but I prefer the spelling Christiana. It's a really nice name.

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