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    Question Offbeat names that blend Nature & Fantasy?

    Help my husband and I find a compromise! We are pregnant now.
    We both like rather offbeat names, and we have a couple ideas for if we end up with a girl, but we are having trouble agreeing on names for a boy.

    I like Nature kinds of names (think Fox, Sage, Arrow, Hawthorn, Archer, Yarrow etc.)
    & my husband is dead-set on his list of fantasy-type names (Ender, Thor, Odin, Bane, Oberon etc.)

    Can anyone suggest some names that might help us find some middle ground? I could see us settling on the right mythology type name, but I haven't found the right one. HELP US, BERRIES!

    *Our last name is 3 syllables and starts with N.
    *Our daughter's name is Azula Rosemary.

    (The girls' names we have all but settled on for this pregnancy are Athena Coral or Valencia Sage)
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