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    Zephyr & Atlas! Fantastic suggestions!

    I proposed Cosmo to him, but he says he just thinks of Kramer from Seinfeld! Haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katieydenberg View Post
    Ender is DH's #1 choice. I actually like it but we told a few people we were thinking about using Ender with our last pregnancy and everyone reacted very negatively toward it - saying it sounded incomplete, or weak, or he'd be too likely to get teased about it. We may still use it but after gettin such a big NO from so many people I'm not so sure about it. What do you all think of Ender? If I had to go with one of his choices though I'd go with that over Odin or Bane or Thor.
    I love Ender's Game, so I do really like Ender. It was a nickname in the book though, which is why it feels incomplete.
    There's also Anders, a variation--which you could probably use Ender as a nn for.
    Or the more wild Endymion from mythology.

    Love Zane, there's also Thane.

    edit: also, I should add that the movie version of Ender's Game is coming out this fall, so I imagine (depending on it's success) the name will at least become more familiar to people. I'm expecting a burst of popularity for Petra as well.
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    Trying to generally stay away from names that end in N so they don't run on with our last name. So maybe not Gryffin/Larkin etc.

    I love Archer though, and might warm up to Ulysses nn Uli (Ooli) if I think about it for a bit. I could get on board with Cedar too maybe if I could think of some good nicknames. Flint to me is too curt sounding & I think Valor, Wulfric, Fenris come off to me as ultra Scandinavian which might not work very well with our very Russian/Ukrainian sounding last name.

    A few names we like but have nixed include Orson, Ajax, Atticus, Rohan, Zavier (they all either end in n & don't work with our last name or we have close friends or family with similar names).

    We have also agreed on the following restrictions when name-choosing: No uber-popular names, nothing that is too crazy to spell or pronounce, and nothing too iconic (ie Zelda or Annekin or something).
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    What about Ember instead of Ender?

    I also like previous suggestions of Alder and Orion (could have nickname Ori... Like Cory without the c)?

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