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    Quote Originally Posted by celianne View Post
    Duncan is my brother's name! It's a great one, very solid, like Gaven.

    And ignore everyone about the spelling, Gaven looks prettier anyways.
    It looks like someone saying "gaven" instead of "given".

    OP: What about Gawain? It's a form of Gavin and more unusual, too.

    There's also Dougal, Rory, Griffin, Declan (similar to Duncan but not as clunky), Galen, and Keane.
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    @scarletrune: I have always heard the beginning sound of Gavin pronounced like the gav- in gavel and not like given.

    I would love to use spellings of names like Gawain, but I'm afraid that here in the US his name would always be horribly butchered. People constantly mispronounce my name, and it's not unusual at all!

    Dougal and Keane are on my list for consideration, and I think I'm going to have to add Galen, which I like a lot. When I first heard Declan it was a preppy teenage boy character on a TV show and I assumed that they just made up the name for the character, and even though I've learned about the name since then that's always what I picture.

    Thanks for the suggestions! Feel free to keep them coming if you think of any more.

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    I love Gavin (but only spelled this way). Other names with a similar vibe are Ronan, Declan, Ewen, Desmond, Eamon, Malcolm, Ian. Andrew is an an amazing middle...strong and handsome. I would definitely keep it, if it works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leahmarie512 View Post
    For some reason I just don't like the traditional spelling of Gavin that much, so if most people think that Gaven is not a good option I'll probably start looking at other names. Any suggestions?
    It's more that the spelling 'gaven' doesn't give the same pronunciation as Gavin. I'd probably say 'gayve-n' to rhyme with haven, if I saw it.

    Quote Originally Posted by leahmarie512 View Post
    @scarletrune: I have always heard the beginning sound of Gavin pronounced like the gav- in gavel and not like given.
    She meant the word 'given'. To her it sounds like someone was meant to say the words 'given/gave' but used the incorrect 'gaven' instead like... 'I was gaven this pen by my friend.'
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    I like Rafe Andrew L-- or Craig Andrew

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