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Thread: Boys vs Girls

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    Aw thanks lizgingermitch-I found Saxon in a newpaper and my love for Ottilie has grown over time and suddenly blossomed.

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    I certainly had plenty of baby-dolls who were boys? Also, many studies show that Western parents (of both genders!) tend to prefer daughters —*for several interesting reasons but basically because they are more "versatile" than boys.

    This is reflected in names, I think. Also, there are so much more usable girl names than boy names —*you have the girls names, the feminine forms of boys names, 80% of flower/nature/virtue word names, the androgynous surnames, and the stolen boys names. For boys, you have the boys names, the surnames, and the rest of word names, and the stock keeps theening because parents dread to give their boys "unisex" names.

    There's much more aesthetic variety girl names and, in case of people who are actually naming little humans, there's still a tendence in society to be more creative, fashionable & adventurous with girls names, whereas boys are more likely to be named after their fathers or given something more serious & enduring. If you look at a name chart from the 1960s or 1980s, you're likely to find some boys names that are still on the Top 10, whereas girls names tend to date much easily.
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    I look more at girls names too. Not because I prefer girls but because I feel that I've already named my boys. I am very particular about my boys names but when I fall for a boy name, I fall hard. I feel like I already know my first son will be Jack, second will be Oliver, then Leo and so on. I really don't care so much about popularity with boys names because 1.) These are the names I love 2.) they are solid names that won't give them a headache through life 3.) I feel like boys could care less if there is another little boy in their class with their same name. I have never heard a boy once complain about his name unless it was totally out there, feminine or something embarrassing. I figure why give up the names you love for popularity if the boy wearing them won't mind if their are a couple of other boys in his class sharing his name.

    Girls names, however, don't seem to stick with me. One week i will be absolutely head over heals in love with three girls names, and the next week they'll have lost their magic and I'm off to find new ones. I keep remembering my own childhood, how much I hated my name, how much I envied girls with "cool" names and feel the need to search and search for the perfect name I would have wanted to wear as a child, and that maybe , just maybe, have the privilege to give that name to someone. And hopefully she would love her name so much that and get complemented on it all the time that I would feel better in knowing I did not do to my child what my mother did to me; pull a random name out of a hat and stick it on her without a care in the world with the mentality that naming a person is a chore not a privilege. But knowing my luck, I will have all boys and all this time trying to find the perfect name for my potential daughter will be for nothing. But I will continue to do it, because its fun.
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    I find it nearly impossible to find a girl name that I love and am excited about. However, I have countless boy names I adore and obsess over. Just take a look at my lists for Girl Names and Boy Names. I would rather name 10 sons than have to come up with a lovely combo for a girl. However, I still want to have both little girls and boys. I just find boy names more intriguing and fun. Maybe I worry more about choosing a name for a girl because of the problems I have with my own name (which is Jennifer), therefore I have trouble committing to a name.
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    I enjoy looking at boy and girl names equally. However, with boy names there tend to be a lot of names I really like, but almost never ones I love, whereas with girls there aren't usually names I like, but when I do I absolutely love them. Haha. Maybe I'm just weird.

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