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    I like Andrew

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    Do you call Daniel by a nn? Dan or Danny? I like both Daniel and Thomas in their full form. If Daniel is called Daniel, then I don't think you should use Thomas and call him Tom.
    I love Jake! Jacob is the #1 boy's name though.
    I like Ryan. It doesn't feel dated, but it is over used. It is like Jennifer for girls. There are lots of famous Jennifers and Ryans!
    However, I do still like it.
    Andrew is okay. A tad boring. I dislike Andy. Drew is okay. I do think of Drew Barrymore when I hear it, even though I dislike boy names on girls and Drew for girls isn't that popular.
    Thomas is my pick. Thomas is a classic, like Daniel, so they go well together.

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    I love the name Thomas!

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    Thanks for all the feedback. I appreciate it.

    Someone asked if we call Daniel by his full name, and we do. In that sense, I guess it could make sense to pair it with another name that we plan to use in its entirety. Probably as Daniel gets older he will shorten it to Dan, but maybe not?

    Meanwhile, I love Tom but can't see myself saying Thomas much at all. Same with Jacob (Jake would be what we called him). Andrew I like best as a full name, and while I hate Andy I could deal with Drew down the road if that happened. Ryan would be ryan but I had not realized how many girls were being named that!

    How bad would it be to have a "Daniel" and a kid who goes by a nickname?

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    Quote Originally Posted by elymayday View Post
    How bad would it be to have a "Daniel" and a kid who goes by a nickname?
    Daniel and Tom (or Jake, or Drew) sound fine together, I think. It makes Daniel seem older and perhaps more serious. Other people may start calling Daniel by Dan though, especially if they meet Tom/Jake/Drew first. But you can always just correct them, and that will likely be the end of that.

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