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    Quote Originally Posted by reinholdbaby13 View Post
    McKinley is a girl on the show
    Thank you for pointing that out. My fingers were a couple steps ahead of my brain I guess!

    Quote Originally Posted by erikolynn View Post
    I love Amzie, especially because it came with a family history, and its just got a lot of moxie to it. Sommer is great, too. Ledger is a bit too suburban for me, same for McKinley. The show is pointless and mostly terribly, but somehow I still find it fun, in a brain-dead kind of way.
    I think the only redeeming quality for Amzie is that it does have that family history.

    I turned on the show thinking it was some morbid Investigative Discovery type of show. After it was on I couldn't turn it off.
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    I went to high school with 2 of the husbands of the Pretty Wicked Moms. Surprised, yet not really surprised, on who theses guys married. They were both very nice guys in HS, one of them probably too nice, and now he's being run over by his wife. Feeling kinda bad for them.

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    Amzie - Eh, not my cup of tea at all, but it's right on trend I suppose
    Ledger - I'm torn on this. I like the masculine sound to it, but can't really get behind all the associations it brings with it
    McKinley - I actually liked this name before I saw it used on a real human being, go figure
    Addison - Nothing bad, nothing special
    Dylan, Andrew and Jordan - Nothing wrong at all; all great names. Wish little sister had gotten a feminine name though. With the popularity of gender bending names I wouldn't be able to guess if Dylan or Jordan was the girl.
    Sommer - And yes, the dog got the best name of all of them!

    And not that it matters much, but McKinley and Addison are parts of different families (you have them grouped together as one). Great post; I definitely love to hate this show

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    Hmm, Amzie... I wonder if it was originally a nickname for Amaziah?

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